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Art work: "Basic Warmth"


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"Hand for Freedom"

In collaboration with Challenge Dance and Percussion my art was integrated into the exposition in which "freedom" is the leading subject. Visitors must follow a tensioned rope blindfolded - no individual way or choice in this. Via this route the visitor enters dark spaces where in each space a form of freedom can be seen in a videoclip;

- freedom of speech

- freedom of orientation

- freedom through peace

When entering the last room, a bright and colourful space, my artwork Freedom Hand was central and visitors were invited to talk with each other about freedom; what does freedom mean to you?

For more information about this amazing initiative, please click here.



I created this artwork to help raise awareness about pollution and the dangers of plastics to our environment.

We could and should all do more to protect our planet.

For my art I only use recycled, eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious materials.

What can you do to reduce your footprint?


"Cor Fafiani creates mysterious, multi-sensorial, perfect and almost metaphysical works of art. He plays with different materials and colours, and yet his art is never a pure aestheticism, but rather a code through which he can communicate his own ideas. He is, in fact, both an artist and a philosopher, and as such, he guesses the most inner selves of human beings, he reaches our onthological essence. 
Nevertheless what is more disquieting for the observer of his works is the absolute lack of answers or points of reference, so that what is left is the doubt, the unsolved problem of the existence. That void can be filled only by Art, and that's the only certainty Cor Fafiani seems to voice in his works."

- Dott. Nadine Giove 
Critico d'arte

"Dutch artist, Cor Fafiani's sculptural work aims at the exploration of potential fauna and the diversity of living beings. By imagining and by letting himself be inspired by myth, genetic manipulation, inaccessible places like the jungle and the depths of the ocean and the indescribable, he creates images that invite to a free and ethical introspection. His works in the shape of fantasy, hybrid, manipulated form a humorous universe between fiction and reality."

- Circle, Foundation for the Arts

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